Tree in pot

Friends of Ally Pally Station




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Bridge Stencil Painting

In Partnership with Alexandra Palace, Studio 306 and the Friends of Alexandra Park

Foyer Art & Photo Gallery

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Home-made planters for local businesses


- The Starting Gate Pub

- Alexandra Cars

Log PLanters for Platform 2

Made out of Trees from Alexandra Park


A Gallery of Projects, 2016-present

Sleepers Awake Memento DQ2IPCSWkAAfaOK mince pies Xmas hat Luke pic Nick pic Xmas card snowy sign

Sleepers Awake! Benches, Bach and Beans

20th January 2018

Building 6 sleeper benches, with a Bach workshop and coffee...

"Eddie's Origami"

Origami installation by 12 year-old local origami artist!

"Hop on a Train"

Collaboration with Wood Green Hopping, growing hops on Platform 1 to be brewed into our own local beer in the autumn.

The artist has us fooled Central panel All eyes on Susie sewing Big hands Safety first Team tired Precision placement High fliers IMG_1354 IMG_1355 IMG_1356 Attachment-16 Attachment-28 Attachment-5 Attachment-23 Attachment-25 Attachment-27 Attachment-26 Attachment-15 Attachment-7 Attachment-30 Attachment-22 Attachment-21 Attachment-8

Easter Gardening Party & Spring Planting

Bedford Rose Garden - New Community Garden built in 2020

IMG-0200 IMG-8427 Austin and Robbie PHOTO-2020-09-10-23-23-22