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Friends of Ally Pally Station





What do the Friends do?

We started as a community garden. Station users donated plants and flowerbeds. Local businesses and schools sponsored and made beds to launch the garden. We have since branched out into many other activities, but the garden is at the heart of it all.  


We also work to improve the whole station for all station users. We persuaded GTR to paint the footbridge, and are working with Alexandra Palace to improve signage. With Network Rail, we are clearing litter and improving the banks, and have many more plans to make the station better for all who use it, whether locals or visitors.


We hold regular Sunday afternoon Friends Gardening Parties at the station. Just a couple of hours of watering, gardening and socialising, usually followed by a drink in the Starting Gate.

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Community Garden

We are also a RAIL USER GROUP.

This means that we can provide a significant voice for you in discussions with GTR about all aspects of the station and train service. This includes:


- Access and signage

- Staffing, information and announcements

- All other passanger & resident concerns


This is very useful. GTR listen to Rail User Groups more than individuals, so by joining the Friends, not only do

you help make the station beautiful and transform the community, but you can help to improve every

aspect of the station for the thousands

of people who use it every day.

Rail User Group

Great bed Oct
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