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Friends of Ally Pally Station





Think outside the window box!

There are lots and lots of ways to get involved besides gardening.


Have you got, landscaping, technical or other expertise which you'd like to share?


Are you more of a crafter/DIY fan? We make flowerbeds, benches and more.


There are many more ways you can get involved.


Let us know!





How to Get Involved


It's really easy to be a part of this community. Just come along to one of our  Friends Gardening Parties, held on the last Sunday of every month, or join in on a project.


Local residents donated plants to create the garden, so a great way to be a part of things is to add your own plant. There is some space for more plants in the existing planters, or you could donate your own planter.


Add your plant, and the station garden is yours! Keep an eye on your plant's progress and, when you think it might need a water, pop a bottle of water in your bag when you next go to the station. In this way we can work together as a community to maintain our beautiful station garden.


We also have access to a tap and a brilliant long hose which we use to do serious watering in the drier months.


Sound good? Email us if you have any questions at all.


Businesses, Schools & Local Groups


You can sponsor a new or existing planter or become a regular supporter.


Perhaps you'd like to have something on the station which represents your business/group personally?


For example, Our Cottage have a herb bed, and they specialise in delicious organic food.


Alexandra Park School have a bay tree with geraniums and grass in school colours!


Alexandra Cars have a home-made flower bed

with spinning wheels!


Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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